Know the market and make FUT coins - level up quickly in FUT

Know the market and make FUT coins - level up quickly in FUT

If you have more time to trade, there are a number of time-consuming methods to make large amounts of cash in FIFA 22. To begin, though, we'll remind you that merely playing the game is a great method to earn coins. Smash those Squad Battles, since the upper levels have some delicious packs. Make sure you obtain Rank 1 awards for whichever category you're in by grinding through Rivals. Even if you don't intend to compete in FUT Champions, make sure you AFK all of the Playoffs games in order to collect packs.

In FIFA 21, gold packets are fairly simple to acquire by. They come as a prize for completing SBCs, seasonal targets, and Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Champions. To put it another way, the transfer market is always flooded with gold cards. That implies getting a return on a 5,000-coin basic gold pack is almost difficult. Bronze and silver packs, on the other hand, are substantially less expensive and ensure long-term profit – since such cards are tougher to come by than gold cards, but are nonetheless regularly needed for SBCs. Get free fut coins now!

Learn about the market and how to trade it.

If you're in a hurry to make coins, studying the market will be the most practical alternative to buying with actual money. In FIFA 21, the player market works similarly to a stock exchange; all players have a value, which fluctuates dependent on occurrences.

Players who are practically free may suddenly become more expensive if they are required to complete a Squad Building task. While there are several YouTube tips on how to profitably flip players, you can also increase your coin revenue by selling your players at the proper moment.

Players to Snipe on the Transfer Market

Stick to sniping if you want to grab guys cheap and sell them for a greater price. It's the most efficient technique to earn a lot of money and coins quickly. On the Transfer Market, you should set the filters to the lowest price for the player you desire. It's almost as though there aren't many players remaining. Then you look for them as "long as you can" and purchase them as soon as possible. You may then sell them for a greater price.

Let's suppose Antonio Rüdiger is valued 11k coins in FIFA Ultimate Team. He'll set you back about $8,000. If you're fortunate and quick enough, you may be able to acquire him for $8000 and sell him right away. You also received 3000 coins more than previously. Repeat this strategy for hours or days to amass a large number of coins through sniping. The more coins you have, the more valuable the players you can snipe become — and the greater your trade revenue becomes.

Invest in a set of dynamic cards.

Dynamic Cards, such as the OTW stars, are available in FIFA. You may purchase them, hoping that their stats and values improve, and then sell them for a better price. Of course, because this is a speculative industry, you should look for players and Dynamic cards that have the potential to improve.


The most important rule of thumb is to be patient. Sniping low and selling high, as well as studying the market carefully, are both time-consuming tasks that will not always result in a profit. You might have to wait days or weeks for certain trades to come through in order to make any real money. Coins are like any other currency – it takes time and patience to amass a large amount.

There is no one surefire method to get rich quick in FIFA 21. However, by following the tips above, you can give yourself a better chance at earning coins without having to spend real money. With a little luck and dedication, you too can be a millionaire in no time.