Why You Should Consider Having A Vanity Sink in Your Bathroom

Why You Should Consider Having A Vanity Sink in Your Bathroom

Which would you rather prefer: a pedestal sink or a vanity sink?

Let us assume that you are moving into your dream home and you are thinking of the type of sink to put in your home. As little as it is, this may be a very tough decision to make as bathrooms or powder rooms can be very small, and you would not want to buy an accessory that takes up 95% of the space. It is very important, therefore, that you choose pieces that would make your bathrooms look spacious and not crowded.

Before we delve into that, let’s look at what vanity and pedestal sinks are, shall we?

Vanity sinks hold the sinks and have extra storage space for accessories, beauty products and cleaning supplies. These sinks are very functional, as they help you organize and arrange your properties appropriately. However, they tend to take up space because of the cabinets, although they are of different shapes and sizes. These types of sinks are perfect for the modern and contemporary bathroom looks. Pedestal sinks, on the other hand, only contain the basin. They do not have the countertop or the cabinets for storage, unlike the vanity sinks. They were the types of sinks commonly in use before until the vanity sinks appeared as a lifesaver. It consists of two parts: the lavatory, which collects the water that emanates from the tap in the basin, and the pedestal, otherwise known as the leg.

Vanity Sink

So, why should you consider having a vanity sink in your bathroom?

  1. Your drainage pipes are not going to be seen: This is one of the things that make our bathrooms look ancient. If you install a pedestal sink, a time will come where the pipes may start shooting out from their corners, and you will begin to think of ways of fixing fancy pipes that could, at least, add to the beauty of the place. Save yourself the drama and install a vanity sink.
  2. You would have enough storage space: You would have more than enough space to put your toiletries, cleaning supplies and feminine products if you install a vanity sink. While it is certain that vanity sinks occupy more floor space, you would still have to install overhead cabinets to store those items if you use a pedestal sink, wouldn’t you?
  3. There is a countertop: Pedestal sinks are only for basic activities like washing hands and brushing teeth. With a vanity sink, you have more than enough space to put your toothbrush, toothpaste, and other little necessities. If you buy a pedestal sink, you would still have to look for where to store items as basic as a toothbrush, except you want your sink to be crowded.
  4. Vanity sinks are classy: This is the ultimate truth! Vanity sinks add more class, elegance, and glamour to the bathroom than pedestal sinks that are very bare. So, if you want a more contemporary and sophisticated look, vanity sinks should be your first choice.

Still, have doubts? You shouldn’t. Vanity sinks are available and affordable. You just need to get one as soon as you can.